Eagle Forgings is over 3 Decade-old company, serving the Hospitality industry with Long Lasting Certified Equipment, backed up with Quality Service and Spares.

Our History

Eagle Forgings started in the year 1987, years before India became global and opened its doors to the world. Our founders had the vision that the hospitality sector which though was limited at that time, had huge potential and shall take a big leap in the future. Our MD envisaged how the hospitality sector would grow and what kind of products the industry needs to offer its guests world-class luxury and comfort, thus enhancing their stay experience with our prestigious client hotels. That vision has been the guiding force, which has pushed Eagle Forgings to keep exploring and bring in long-lasting certified equipment from the top suppliers globally. Eagle Forgings is a part of Eagle Group which has diverse businesses running under its umbrella, with a vast experience and standing of over 60 years.

Salient Features

  • Represent renowned & reputed manufacturers having long-term commitment and vision on India.
  • Sell Hotel-Specific & not domestic products adapted for hotel use only.
  • Sell products with complete Hotel & Eco Certification only.
  • Sell Quality & Long Lasting Products.
  • Provide complete After-Sale Service and Spares for all products we sell.

Good Market Standing

Eagle Forgings good standing in the market is confirmed by the fact that over 90% of its business is from repeat customers. This makes Eagle Forgings one of the long-standing, Most Trusted and Reached Out company in the Hospitality industry for over 30 years.

Client Trust

Eagle Forgings enjoys the immense trust of its customers. It is evident from the fact that most of the reputed hotels & their chains have Annual Contract with Eagle Forgings and reach out regularly for fulfilling their requirements.

Our Torch Bearers

Mr. Ajay Khanna

Eagle Forgings is led by Mr Ajay Khanna an entrepreneur par excellence. Mr Khanna who is the MD of Eagle Forgings started the organisation with his partners with a clear vision of enhancing the level of comfort for the users of Hospitality by bringing in and offering top quality products, which shall lead to a better guest experience at hotels. Mr Khanna has been at the helm of affairs of the company since the very beginning and made it the name which it is today in the market.
Mr Khanna has been involved with Eagle Forgings and works so closely with clients, that most heads of top hotels and hotel chains, know him personally. Over the period of time with his continued efforts and penchant for servicing customers, he has stayed in touch with clients and offered them the right products to serve their clients with the best possible offerings.

Mr. Jaspal Singh Sawhney 

Mr. Jaspal Singh Sawhney is the chairman of the Eagle group which has diverse businesses under it including Eagle Forgings. He is an exceptional leader and is a very well respected and connected business person. His business acumen and advice for the growth of the business have been instrumental in the growth of the company.

Mr. Parmeet Singh Sawhney

Mr. Parmeet Sawhney is another leader par excellence and is involved with multiple companies of the Eagle Group. With his foresight and wonderful understanding of the business, his guidance and participation in the business have helped companies scale up.

Where We Are

With the Indian market expanding, new Hotels are starting and many more projects are taking off in various cities across India. This expansion is not just limited to Metros only, large cities all over India are expanding and one of the biggest indicators of the progress of a good city is the kind of hotels it offers for its visitors. With more hotels poised to open doors than ever before, Eagle Forgings is also expanding its products and working to bring in more and more products to offer to the industry.

Where We Are Heading

Eagle Forgings has the interest of becoming the one-stop supplier for everything a hotel needs for Guest Room & Bathroom. It has to its credit the distinction of bringing in many Unique & Long Lasting Quality products to India for the Hospitality Industry. With this vision in mind, in future as well, Eagle Forgings would like to expand further by bringing in the latest cutting-edge, top-of-the-line technology products, offering guests a wonderful stay experience at the hotels where they use our sold products.