Gel Sanitizer

  • Manufactured specially for us by DCM Shriram ‘Daurala’ Group, a leading Indian company and market leaders in Sugar supplies. ​
  • 80% Alcohol content.
  • Quality product from a quality supplier, with all required compliances.
  • Available in extremely low-cost 5ltr, 35ltr and … ltr refill packs.
  • Also available in 500ml Pump Bottle as well as small 60ml & 100ml bottles.

Liquid Sanitizer

  • Produced at Noida under strict quality and required guidelines.
  • High-quality product.
  • 70% Alcohol content.
  • Contains ingredients like Tea Extracts, Aloe Vera, etc. Creates an excellent fragrance and also protects against infections while helping to nourish the skin.

Formulation :
Isopropyl Alcohol-70% (as a mandate for Covid-19), Tea Tree Oil (Natural Antibacterial), Neem & Tulsi Extracts-4% (Natural Antimicrobial), Glycerine (Hand softening to avoid effects of Alcohol), Lemon Extract (Fragrance) & Preservative.